Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CFL 2010 Recap

For the 2nd year running, I correctly picked SASKATCHEWAN to cover over Montreal in the Canadian Football League championship game. Saskatchewan fell to 3-15 in Grey Cups. If there is another professional sports team with a worse record in finals, I can't think who it might be. (Apologies to the prairie family of offical Lady G toy boy and fiance Archibald.)

I finished 7-6 with my "value overdog" picks this year, but am 11-15 over 2 years. For the past 2 seasons as a whole including playoffs, I am 84-70 or 54.5%. A simple all-underdog strategy leads the way at 88-66 or 57.1%. Does anyone out there have any historical data on CFL underdogs?


Archibald wants the world to know his prediction that George Smitherman would win the race for Toronto Mayor IF former Deputy Mayor Joey Pants fell to less than 10% of the vote proved to be correct. Archibald prognosticated that if Joey Pants cracked the 10% threshold as indeed he did, high school football coach Rob Ford would be Mayor. Archibald, get your own blog!