Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baseball All-Star Game 2009 Result

I correctly picked the American League (AL) taking their 12th consecutive All-Star game in matches ending in a decision.

I moved up to 140-112 with my all-AL strategy in 2009 interleague games or 55.6% winners and to +15.5 points in toy boy Archibald's interleague baseball pool with points based on posted odds. You can't go wrong backing the AL all the way over the course of an entire season.

I didn't see the game. Fiance Archibald took me to Neko Case's concert to make up for his nearly unforgivable sin of shamelessly ogling my gal pal Elizabeth in my presence. Great show from Neko. I thought I had an impressive set of lungs, but she's got pipes to die for.