Monday, January 14, 2008

NFL Final Four Picks and Playoff Results So Far

GREEN BAY -7 over New York Giants
NEW ENGLAND -14.5 over San Diego

Playoff results so far:

All my picks 3 wins 5 losses
My home fave picks 3-4
My home dog picks 0-1
Spread a factor 0-1
Lady G’s best bets 1-3
Readers’ choices 1-1

All overdogs’ strategy 4-4
All road teams’ strategy 5-3

Faithful readers won’t be surprised to learn that I’m sticking with my overdogs-first playoff strategy based on years of historical data despite disappointing results last week.

On a personal note, I can report that toy boy Archibald and I spent a delightful long wild card weekend in New Orleans where Archibald was presenting a paper on “The cultural industry multliplier: high culture vs. low culture” at the American Economics Association (AEA) conference.

We can recommend the following for visitors to New Orleans:

- stay at the W Hotel downtown if you can get a good conference discount
- eat at GW Finns across the street from Arnauld’s in the French ¼ (Arnaud’s turned us away because they were afraid that their female patrons would be too busy staring at Archibald’s legs in shorts to order dessert)
- take the Garden District walking tour with guide Lloyd Sensat which leaves from the Rink Mall and see the House of Quarterbacks Manning home among many others
- take the Pearl River Eco Tour of the Honey Island Swamp, but ladies watch out for the honey-tongued guide who had Archibald convinced that he was angling for a threesome with yours truly and the comely kiwi lass from Christchurch, New Zealand who was on the boat with us

In other personal news, Archibald’s paper at the AEA conference was so well received that he was offered the post of Director of the new Bruno Gerussi Centre for the Study of Popular Culture at Yukon College in Haines Junction, Yukon Territory. So, this summer Archibald and I will be moving north of the Arctic Circle. I can’t believe that Archibald gets paid for doing his ridiculous work studying Gilligan’s Island and other frivolous topics or that I’m willing to follow him to such a godforsaken location so far from my roots in Coventry, England.

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