Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Olympic Ice Hockey 2014

This post is based on the faulty predictions of my Canadian toy boy and fiancé Archibald. Get your own blog, Arch, you handsome devil, but maybe you should wait until your predictive powers improve.

I was pleased to see Archibald wrong with his prediction that Finland would win gold in men's ice hockey. He was right to stick with Finland in the bronze medal match on the grounds that Finnish players would be proud to win a bronze, while the USA semi-final losers wouldn't care about the bronze.

Olympic men’s ice hockey has been quite competitive from 1998 on when top professionals started playing, but Canada has started to assert their dominance.

Canada: 3 golds = 9 points under 3, 2, 1 point system for gold, silver, bronze

Sweden: 1 gold, 1 silver = 5 points

Finland: 1 silver, 3 bronze = 5 points

Czechs: 1 gold, 1 bronze = 4 points

USA: 2 silver = 4 points

Russia: 1 silver, 1 bronze = 3 points

For women’s ice hockey, the Olympics has been a tale of 2 countries:

Canada: 4 golds, 1 silver = 14 points

USA: 1 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze = 10 points

Sweden: 1 silver, 1 bronze = 3 points

Finland: 2 bronze = 2 points

Switzerland: 1 bronze = 1 point

I was chuffed to see Archibald also wrong with his prediction of USA gold in women's ice hockey. I tease Canadian Archibald about his lack of patriotism. But, he says that when it comes to predicting sporting outcomes, his head rules his heart. Dearest Archibald only blows his cool with yours truly.

Without doubt, Canada's overtime win over USA in the final was the greatest ice hockey match I have ever seen. Also, the only ice hockey match I have seen despite living the past 8 years in Canada. I get lots of work done while dearest Arch wastes his time watching men play ice hockey.

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