Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Is Donald J. Trump Demented?

I have no medical training at all. But, I have observed older family members as dementia took hold. 

One symptom is that existing character traits become exaggerated. People with short tempers all their lives become worse and worse with each stage of dementia.

Think of the Donald. All of his life, he has been a braggart and a bully. Now that he is running for president, it has been shocking to see him demonize minority groups, belittle his fellow candidates and boast about his supposed abilities. 

Another early sign of dementia is loss of judgment. Somehow the Donald cannot see that, when his presidential campaign ends in defeat, he will be a social pariah and lose some of the toys that he loves. It is hard to see how NBC can broadcast future British Open golf tournaments from Turnberry in Scotland, a course owned by the Donald, after what Trump has said about Mexicans and Muslims. The British Golf Association will think twice before awarding future British Opens to Turnberry as long as Trump is the owner. This is one small example. Trump loves to boast about his own net worth, but I am willing to wager my fortune against his that Trump's true net worth will be much lower after his campaign is over. 

Trump will turn 70 later this year. Could he be in the early stages of dementia? American political reporters should ask Trump whether he is willing to check in to the Mayo Clinic for a check-up.

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