Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Week 1 Results

All my picks 8 wins 6 losses 2 ties 56%
My home fave picks 3-1-1 70%
My home dog picks 2-1 67%
My road dog picks 2-4-1 36%
My road fave picks 1-0 100%

Spread a factor 1-0-2 75%
Lady G’s best bets 4-0 100%

Readers’ choice (NE over NYJ) 1-0 100%

A rare week when favourites ruled at 9-5-2.

Good start to the year for Lady G. I would take 17 straight weeks like this. The reality is that over a long season I will probably see about 9 more “average” weeks like this with between 6 and 9 wins. Any NFL picker should count on at least 3 disappointing weeks with 5 wins or less. If I stick to my system, I’m hoping for 4 really good weeks with 10+ wins to carry me through to a good record for the entire season.

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RetroMikey said...

RetroMikey from Canada wants to know if the Habs will win the Stanley Cup this year! :)
Love your blog Veronica!