Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week 3 Picks

This week Lady Godiva fancies:

Indianapolis -6 over HOUSTON
San Diego -4.5 over GREEN BAY
KANSAS CITY -2.5 over Minnesota
Detroit +6 over PHILADELPHIA
NEW ENGLAND -16.5 over Buffalo
Miami +3 over NY JETS
PITTSBURGH -9 over San Francisco
Arizona +8 over BALTIMORE
TAMPA BAY -3.5 over St. Louis
DENVER -3 over Jacksonville
Cincinnati +3.5 over SEATTLE
Cleveland +3 over OAKLAND
Carolina -4 over ATLANTA
WASHINGTON -4 over NY Giants
Dallas +3 over CHICAGO
Tennessee +4 over NEW ORLEANS

Summary: 6 HOME FAVOURITES, 7 road dogs, 3 road faves

I’m wary of picking 3 road favourites when history shows home dogs to have been the pool picker's best friend. But, I see value in all 3 road faves.

Check out boyfriend Archibald's latest poll on 1960s TV starlets at the bottom of the screen. The readers selected Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island as our favourite 1960s TV sweetheart and Catwoman as our favourite 1960s vixen. Now Archibald has set up a classic battle -- sweetheart vs. vixen. Mary Ann or Catwoman -- who gets your love?

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