Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Weekend 1 Update

I'm off to a 2-2 start having lost one game -- Spurs vs. Sun -- on points yesterday and another in an outright upset -- Jazz vs. Rockets, although a victory by a 1-point road underdog barely qualifies as an upset).

I hope you saw the end of Spurs vs. Sun game 1. Toy boy Archibald and I arrived home from our Saturday shopping and turned on the telly with one minute left in regulation just in time to see Finley drain a 3-pointer to send it to overtime. Tim Duncan swished a line-drive trey for another tie at the end of the 1st overtime and then Canada's own Steve Nash tied it for Phoenix with another long bomb with 15 seconds left in the 2nd overtime.

Ginobli drove to the basket to win it with 2 seconds left.

This morning over coffee we heard ESPN radio's idiot Sunday morning talk jock blame the loss on Coach D'Antoni for not having anyone on the floor at the end of overtime 2 to stop a lay-up. Stoudamire had fouled out and D'Antoni removed Shaq because he needed three to tie the game and he feared the hack-a-Shaq. After Nash tied it, Coach Popovich opted against calling time-out precisely to keep Shaq off the floor. As a result, Phoenix had no good big men on the floor.

But, first things first -- D'Antoni had to tie the game with his best offensive formation and didn't have the luxury of worrying about defending when he was three points behind with one possession left. Former Coach Jeff Van Gundy explained all of this on the ABC broadcast. Perhaps there's a reason why ESPN radio's idiot Sunday morning talk jock is working one of the lowest-rated time slots, rather than coaching in the NBA.

In any case, I have to say that Spurs vs. Sun game 1 offered one of the best end-of-game excitement packages that I've ever seen.

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