Thursday, July 10, 2008

Final Inter-League Baseball Pick

If you play in a non-profit office baseball pool with points based on posted odds, you must take

NY Yankees -1.5 (or -150) at Pittsburgh.

See my previous posts on the outstanding record of American League (AL) teams in inter-league play, particularly AL teams visiting National League (NL) parks this year. The posted odds this year did not correctly adjust for AL dominance, particularly when AL teams were on the road.

Check out

for a good summary of inter-league history with the AL winning 57% of all inter-league contests from 2005 on. The AL’s 59% record this year is second only to 61% AL dominance in 2006.

All sporting streaks eventually regress to the average. But, as long as the AL is dominating and preliminary evidence indicates that the oddsmakers are not correctly allowing for this dominance, stick with the AL team in any inter-league game.

I certainly hope my own sporting streak does not revert to the mean anytime soon. I'm as chuffed as chuffed can be to be ranked 5th for season W/L and 9th for CrowdScore at

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