Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lady G 1-on-1 vs. Baracketer-in-Chief

I'm glad to see that President Obama managed to find time to fill out his Barackets this year.

He's picking winners straight up and I'm picking winners against the spread. But, when he is picking underdogs to win outright, we can delineate clear differences between his prognostications and mine. Just for fun, I will be keeping track of who's got the better system – Veronica Gipp (aka Lady Godiva) from Coventry, England with no knowledge or interest in basketball or the Baracketer-in-Chief. And, I am willing to give the President the benefit of the points even when he is picking upset winners straight up.

Lady G Pick:

Obama Pick:



USC -2

BCU +2

Cal -1

Maryland +1


VCU +7

LSU -2.5

Butler +2.5

ASU -4.5

Temple +4.5

I won't count the fact that I started correctly picking Morehead State -3.5, while the President opted for Bama State +3.5 in the play-in game.

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