Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NCAA Wrap-Up

Baracketer-in-Chief Obama and I correctly picked UNC.

Kudos to the President for picking UNC to win right at the start of the tournament. I just went along round-by-round backing UNC against the points except when they were heavily favoured in round 1. But, I am proud of finishing 5-3 against the President giving him the points in games when I disagreed with his straight-up bracket selections.

Overall, I finished 34-29-1 or 54%. Over two years of following my system in March madness match-ups, I have picked 56% winners against the spread (ATS).

Before falling in love with my genius, note that a plain-vanilla, all-overdogs strategy is 60% ATS over the last two NCAA tournaments.

NBA Update

I am now 51-45-2 or 53% following the Gibbs system of taking all "heavy" underdogs.


I won't be active on this site until inter-league baseball starts. I have a very simple system to advise participants in season-long, non-profit pools with points based on posted odds.

Farewell to my friends at http://www.faniq.com/. I'm not happy with the changes at this site and won't be wasting my time there anymore. But, I am still a member of the http://www.crowdpicks.com/ community.

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