Monday, June 15, 2009

NBA Playoffs 2009 Recap

I followed my Gipp-Gibbs system -- statistically insignificant evidence that "light" overdogs are a statistically insignificant touch above 50% against the spread (ATS) and significant evidence that "heavy" underdogs are a touch above 50% ATS over many years.

I finished 41-42-2 ATS or 49.4%. Going 1-3 with 4 "heavy" overdog picks offset 40-39-2 with "light" overdogs. An all-homer strategy finished 45-38-2 or 54% followed by all-overdogs at 43-40-2 or 52%.

Last year, I did much better at 48-38 or 55.8%. So. over 2 years the Gipp-Gibbs system is 52.6% ATS.

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