Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Inter-league Baseball Results Series 1

I'm pleased to report success so far with my strategy of picking all American League (AL) teams in inter-league games for players in friendly non-profit office pool picking major-league baseball (MLB) winners over the course of the season.

In weekend 1 of 2008 inter-league play, AL teams continued their recent dominance taking 22 of 41 games or 54% despite the fact that National League (NL) teams hosted 8 of 14 series. If your pool points are based on odds posted for those fools who bet on baseball, you would have finished +2.2 for the weekend with an all-AL strategy. If the odds correctly value winning probabilities in each match-up and factor in commissions to cover gaming house costs, we would expect any strategy to generate negative returns over a long period.

Stay tuned for the rest of the 2008 season as we see whether the odds correctly factor almost everyone's expectation of continued AL dominance.

With just over 1/4 of the season under our belts, we have enough data to predict the playoff teams. Boston, Tampa Bay, Oakland and Cleveland will square off in the AL with Arizona, Atlanta, Chicago and Houston doing battle in the NL.

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