Friday, May 9, 2008

NBA 2008 Playoffs May 9-11 Picks

Lady G fancies:

UTAH -4.5 over LA
ORLANDO -5 over Detroit
CLEVELAND -1 over Boston
SA -5.5 over NO

My results so far against the spread:

All my picks 29 wins 24 losses 1 tie
My overdog picks 28-19-1
My underdog picks 1-5
Spread a factor: 1-4-1

A plain-vanilla, "homer rules" strategy leads the way at 34-19-1 followed closely by all-overdogs at 33-20-1.

Given uncertainty about Billups, hard to believe that Magic only giving 5 to Pistons.

Toy boy Archibald is treating me to a well-deserved weekend of canoodling, so I won't be updating my site until Monday.

I'm puffing up my chest with pride today as the 2nd ranked picker against the spread (ATS) over the last 7 days at

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