Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

NFL Week 13 Picks

My advice this week for players in non-profit NFL pools -- take all the underdogs.

I will be back next week with picks for week 14 and updated results for the season so far.

NBA Underdog Update

8 wins and 3 losses so far for underdogs of 12.5 points or more. According to Stanford undergrad whiz kid Gibbs (see 1 November post), we can expect to see heavy NBA underdogs finish above 50% by a statistically significant margin over a long period of at least one full season. I will keep track this year on behalf of players in non-profit NBA pools.

Thanksgiving Films

The Myth of Fingerprints is my favourite. Official Lady Godiva toy boy Archibald fancies cheesy 1980s "comedy" Love At Stake. Archibald will mail at his expense a bound copy of his Ph.D. thesis to anyone who can tell him who played the part of the turkey in this turkey.

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