Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NFL Week 6 Results

All my picks 6 wins 5 losses 2 ties
My home fave picks 3-2
My home dog picks 1-2
My road dog picks 1-1-2
My road fave picks 1-0
Spread a factor 0-0-2
Lady G’s best bets 1-2-1
Readers’ choice (Tennessee +3 over TAMPA BAY) 0-0-1

For the season so far:

All my picks 44-38-7 53%
My home fave picks 13-14-2 48%
My home dog picks 11-6 65%
My road dog picks 14-12-4 53%
My road fave picks 6-6-1 50%
Spread a factor 8-6-7 55%
Lady G’s best bets 9-12-2 43%
Readers’ choice 1-3-2 33%

Week 6 was the rare week when favourites were the best bets at 7-4-2.

7 ties in 6 weeks seems like a lot.

53% winners so far this year places me 1% behind a plain-vanilla, all-dogs strategy.

To stay humble, check out this article on the woman who won $444,000 on a $5 lottery ticket for going 13-0 on Sunday in week 5. I calculate that the odds of picking all 13 games correctly are 8,192 to 1. Her payoff was so excellent because the weekly winner of this particular lottery takes home a percentage of total wagers. However, as a general rule, l doubt that it’s a paying proposition to participate in a government-run sports lottery or lottery of any kind.


My boyfriend Archibald read this article and kidded me that I too will have to record a perfect week before we can get married. Some kidder, that Archibald. To remind Archibald of who’s boss in our relationship, I am suspending from my site Archibald’s goofy polls on Mary Ann vs. Ginger vs. NFL cheerleaders. For the time being, my polls will all be football related.

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