Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NFL Week 7 Results

All my picks 8 wins 6 losses
My home fave picks 2-1
My home dog picks 1-1
My road dog picks 3-3
My road fave picks 2-1
Spread a factor 2-0
Lady G’s best bets 1-3
Readers’ choice (OAKLAND -2.5 over Kansas City) 0-1

For the season so far:

All my picks 52-44-7 54%
My home fave picks 15-15-2 50%
My home dog picks 12-7 63%
My road dog picks 17-15-4 53%
My road fave picks 8-7-1 53%
Spread a factor 10-6-7 59%
Lady G’s best bets 10-15-2 41%
Readers’ choice 1-4-2 29%

Another week when favourites ruled at 8-6, which is exactly where I finished even though I selected only 6 overdogs.

Lady Luck continued to smile on Lady Godiva with 2 of my 8 underdog picks winning on points.

Steady as she goes -- 54% winners so far this year with only 1 losing week out of 7 places me 1 win ahead of a plain-vanilla, all-underdogs strategy.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, I’m trying a new poll about the baseball World Series. A boring game in my opinion, but at least it’s a shorter waste of time than cricket. All my English boyfriends were mad about cricket, which is one aspect of jolly olde England that I don't miss. One of the best things about North America is that cricket is unknown except as an insect

But, now that I think about my English boyfriends and their love of cricket, maybe that's a better hobby than exotic dancers for my first North American boyfriend Reginald and NFL cheerleaders for current toy boy Archibald.

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