Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 4 Results

All my picks 7 wins 7 losses 50%
My home fave picks 0-2
My home dog picks 5-2 71%
My road dog picks 1-2 33%

My road fave picks 1-1 50%
Lady G’s best bets 0-4
Readers’ choice (SAN FRAN over Seattle) 0-1

For the season so far:

All my picks 33-24-5 57%
My home fave picks 7-8-2 47%
My home dog picks 9-3 75%
My road dog picks 12-9-2 57%
My road fave picks 5-4-1 55%
Spread a factor 7-2-5 68%
Lady G’s best bets 7-7-1 50%
Readers’ choice 1-2-1 38%

Underdogs won 9 of 14 games last week – not so surprising if all we were talking about was against the spread, but pretty unusual when you think that dogs won those 9 games outright with no help needed from the point spread. You won’t see underdogs going 9-5 straight-up every week.

After 4 weeks, my record of 57% winners is dead even with a plain-vanilla, all-dogs strategy, so I can’t claim to be providing value-added yet.

Neither I nor the all-dogs strategy is likely to pick 57% winners over the rest of the season. If I pick 55% winners the rest of the way and finish a bit ahead of the all-dogs strategy, I will be pleased.

Boyfriend Archibald suggests that Lady Godiva’s readers will be interested in his new poll on NFL cheerleaders. If you need to consult the team websites before casting your vote, go to


At least current toy boy Archibald’s interest in cheerleaders is a step up from ex-boyfriend Reginald’s obsession with exotic dancers. My friend Elizabeth's comment about Archibald’s cheerleader hobby: “Don’t worry about where he gets his appetite, so long as he eats at home.”

Speaking of Archibald’s tastes, don’t forget to vote in his poll at the very bottom of the screen pitting Mary Ann of Gilligan’s Island against 1960s movie stars.

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