Thursday, October 25, 2007

NFL Week 8 Picks

Lady Godiva fancies:

ST. LOUIS +3 over Cleveland
CHICAGO -4.5 over Detroit
Indianapolis -6.5 over CAROLINA
New York Giants -9.5 over MIAMI
TENNESSEE -7.5 over Oakland
MINNESOTA +1 over Philadelphia
Pittsburgh -3.5 over CINCINNATI
Buffalo +3 over NEW YORK JETS
Houston +10.5 over SAN DIEGO
TAMPA BAY -4 over Jacksonville
SAN FRANCISCO +3 over New Orleans
NEW ENGLAND -16.5 over Washington
GREEN BAY +3 over Denver

4 HOME FAVOURITES, 3 HOME DOG, 3 road dogs, 3 road faves

I’m playing with fire this week with my picks divided every which way. I feel more comfortable if there's a stronger theme to my weekly picks -- mostly underdogs or mostly home teams.

It's a bit of stretch calling Miami a home underdog playing in London, England. My annoying boyfriend Archibald says the only reason to pay good English pounds to see the Dolphins play is to see their cheerleaders.

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