Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week 6 Picks

Lady Godiva fancies:

KANSAS CITY +3 over Cincinnati
JACKSONVILLE -6.5 over Houston
CLEVELAND -4.5 over Miami
CHICAGO -5.5 over Minnesota
NEW YORK JETS +3 over Philadelphia
BALTIMORE -9.5 over St. Louis
Tennessee +3 over TAMPA BAY
Washington +3 over GREEN BAY
Carolina +4 over ARIZONA
New England -4.5 over DALLAS
Oakland +10 over SAN DIEGO
SEATTLE -6.5 over New Orleans
ATLANTA +3.5 over New York Giants

5 HOME FAVOURITES, 3 HOME DOGS, 4 road dogs, 1 road fave

A split ticket this week with 7 underdogs and 6 favourites – aiming for 8+ wins but running the risk of 8+ losses.

All teams have played at least 4 games or ¼ of the season. Here are my ¼ poll predictions for who will make the playoffs:


Top 2 seeds: New England, Pittsburgh
Other divisional winners: Indianapolis, San Diego
Wild cards: Tennessee, Jacksonville


Top 2 seeds: Dallas, Green Bay
Other divisional winners: Tampa Bay, Seattle
Wild cards: Washington, Arizona

Boyfriend Archibald’s poll on AFC East cheerleaders remains open for voting at the very bottom of the screen. Dallas Cowgirls took the honours in the NFC East. Archibald plans a playoff system leading to his own cheerleader Super Bowl. If you need to consult the team websites before casting your vote, join Archibald in spending the day linking from the following website:

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