Monday, June 23, 2008

Archibald's Euro Cup Semi-Final Picks

Official Lady Godiva toy boy Archibald went 50/50 with his Euro Cup soccer 1/4 final picks. Portugal and Netherlands went down in upsets. But, Archibald forecast Turkey's upset win over Croatia correctly as well as Spain over Italy.

In the semi-final matches, Archibald's crystal ball says:

Germany over Turkey
Spain over Russia

Archibald entered a non-profit, 50%-to-charity office pool in which he had to pick 8 countries. He has all 4 semi-finalists. At the end of Thursday last week, he was still 17 points behind. But, he picked up 11 points from Friday to Sunday and he is guaranteed 14 more points. So, he thinks there's a good chance that he will finish in the top 3 and walk away with some winnings.

If so, I've told him there will be no more access to Lady Godiva's goodies until he uses part of his prize to take yours truly out to dinner. Since Archibald's idea of fine dining is Medieval Feast, I have laid down the condition that the restaurant has to specialize in food of the Euro Cup champion. I'm hoping for a Spanish victory, since I love paella. I have promised Archibald to treat him to Medieval Feast when England wins the World Cup and to ride there on a horse wearing the birthday suit made famous by the original Lady G. That's a promise I'm not expecting to have to make good in my lifetime.

I am chuffed to report moving up from 5th to 4th for picking winners at

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