Monday, June 30, 2008

Euro Cup 2008 Soccer Final

Toy boy Archibald proved he's not just a pretty face and succulent midnight snack for Lady G by correctly prognosticating Spain's triumph over Germany.

For the tournament, Archibald finished 11 for 15 with his predictions or 73% correct.

Very impressive, but a sample size of 15 is too small to prove anything (as I remind Archibald the morning after his birthday after getting my kit off the night before to "Simply the Best" before giving him his birthday gift). My advice to Archibald: Don't quit your day job.

After all, 73% correct was only good enough to finish tied for 12th out of 69 contestants in Archibald's non-profit office pool. (Archibald has insisted that I report his limp joke that to pass the time between now and the NFL season his next project will be to organize a 69 contest with 69 contestants. Archibald, that is so bad.)

We'll see whether Archibald can back up his soccer football prowess 2 years from now with World Cup 2010 predictions.

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