Monday, June 9, 2008

NBA Final Game 3 Pick

Boston +9.5 over LA is tickling MiLady's G spot even though my head says take the Lakers at home. I justify going with my heart because my head is also guessing that the spread may be inflated by the Laker legions.

My results so far against the spread:

All my picks 43 wins 37 losses 2 ties (54%)
My overdog picks 42-32-2
My underdog picks 1-5
Spread a factor: 1-9-2

A plain-vanilla, "homer rules" strategy leads the way at 48-32-2 (60%) followed closely by all-overdogs at 47-33-2 (59%).

Toy boy Archibald undefeated so far with his Euro Cup 2008 soccer football picks. Just as one swallow does not make a spring (or a lasting relationship), two perfect days does not guarantee victory in a picking winners pool. Nevertheless, it's always nice to get off to a good start in a picking winners pool, new relationship and everything else.

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