Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NFL Week 10 Picks

Lady Godiva fancies:

Jacksonville +6.5 over TENNESSEE
Denver +3.5 over KANSAS CITY
MIAMI +3 over Buffalo
PITTSBURGH -9.5 over Cleveland
NEW ORLEANS -11.5 over St. Louis
Atlanta +4 over CAROLINA
Philadelphia +3 over WASHINGTON
Minnesota +6 over GREEN BAY
BALTIMORE -4.5 over Cincinnati
OAKLAND +3 over Chicago
Dallas -1 over NEW YORK GIANTS
Detroit +1 over ARIZONA
Indianapolis -3.5 over SAN DIEGO

San Francisco +10 over SEATTLE

3 HOME FAVOURITES, 2 HOME DOGS, 7 road dogs, 2 road faves

I’m sticking with mostly underdogs despite 4 consecutive weeks of overdog dominance.

All teams have played at least 8 games, so here are my halfway mark predictions for who will make the playoffs.

AFC top 2 seeds: New England, Pittsburgh
Other AFC divisional winners: Indianapolis, San Diego
AFC wild cards: Tennessee, Jacksonville
NFC top 2 seeds: Dallas, Green Bay
Other NFC divisional winners: Tampa Bay, Seattle
NFC wild cards: NY Giants, Detroit

Not much change from my ¼ poll predictions except for the NFC wild cards.

Godiva readers predict that Pittsburgh will stop New England's bid for a perfect reg ular season.

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