Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NFL Week 11 Results

All my picks 4 wins 10 losses 2 ties
My home overdogs 1-0
My home underdogs 0-4-1
My road underdogs 3-5-1
My road overdogs 0-1
Spread a factor 2-0-2
Lady G’s best bets 1-2-1
Readers’ choice (Pittsburgh -9 over NEW YORK JETS) 0-1

For the season so far:

All my picks 73-77-10 49%
My home overdogs 19-21-2 48%
My home underdogs 15-16-2 48%
My road underdogs 28-29-5 49%
My road overdogs 11-11-1 50%
Spread a factor 13-10-10 55%
Lady G’s best bets 14-26-3 36%
Readers’ choice 2-7-2 27%

4-10-2 taking me below 50% for the year. Ouch! Week 11 was unusual with overdogs winning 14 of 16 games outright. Taking two games on points and tying two others provided small consolation.

I was +9 after 3 weeks and was still hanging in at +8 after 7 weeks, but have since gone -12 over the past 4 weeks. Double ouch!!

After three other bad weeks with only 5 wins, 4-10-2 in week 11 cancelled my sole really good result in week 3. Triple ouch!!!

Still two wins behind a plain-vanilla, all-underdogs strategy and now three wins behind an all-road-teams strategy.

Six weeks left for Lady Godiva to avoid my first losing season since 2002. I have to admit that Lady Godiva is looking like a bit of a turkey as we head into Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, I will be sticking to the system that produced 5 winning seasons out of the past 6.

Speaking of Thanksgiving turkeys, current toy boy Archibald has been boring me by telling me about his favourite Thanksgiving movie – a cheesy 1980s comedy about Pilgrims subject to hallucinations transforming their turkeys into voluptuous vixens. But, he can’t remember the title or who were the lead actors. And, on another 1980s movie topic, Archibald and I disagree about whether Melanie Griffith vacuumed topless in Working Girl. I remember her as topless, but Archibald insists that she was wearing a skimpy bra. We’ve made a friendly bet with the loser committed to vacuuming the house topless. Can anyone out there help Archibald and me with answers to these burning questions about late 20th century cinema?

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