Thursday, November 22, 2007

NFL Week 12 Picks

Lady Godiva fancies pardoning all turkeys for an all-vegetarian Thanksgiving as well as:

Green Bay -3.5 over DETROIT
New York Jets +14 over DALLAS
ATLANTA +11.5 over Indianapolis
CHICAGO -1.5 over Denver
CINCINNATI +1.5 over Tennessee
Buffalo +8 over JACKSONVILLE
KANSAS CITY -5.5 over Oakland
CLEVELAND -3.5 over Houston
ST. LOUIS +3 over Seattle
Minnesota +7 over NEW YORK GIANTS
CAROLINA +3 over New Orleans
Washington +3 over TAMPA BAY
San Francisco +10.5 over ARIZONA
Baltimore +9.5 over SAN DIEGO
Philadelphia +22 over NEW ENGLAND
Miami +16 over PITTSBURGH

3 HOME FAVOURITES, 4 HOME DOGS, 8 road dogs, 1 road fave

Best bets at the bottom of the screen this week.

It would have been nice to have an extra half-point for Baltimore, but I’m taking them anyway.

These are my first picks as a 30-year-old. Ex-boyfriend Reginald sent me an e-mail for my birthday and took the opportunity to boast about his 59% winning record so far this year compared to my paltry 49%. This will be the first time since 2002 that Lady Godiva goes down to defeat against Reginald over a full season.

Reginald issued the following challenge -- if he betters my record over the final 6 weeks, I must accompany him to the first home game next year of his beloved Jets and make an appearance at half time at the infamous Gate D.

I replied setting the following conditions:

1) The bet extends between now and the next time the Jets host the AFC championship game. If Reginald, who picks each game individually based on his technical analysis of team statistics, betters my record between now and then, I will be Reginald’s date at the AFC championship.

2) However, Lady Godiva will only be taking her kit off at Gate D if my age on that day is below my bra size and if the game-time temperature exceeds my age.

I’m confident that neither Reginald nor anyone else will ever be seeing Lady Godiva at Gate D.

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